Bitcoins can be the most popular currency in the world…..??? possible or not……..



During last few weeks I have heard a lot of information about virtual currency called BITCOIN. It’s an innovation in payment system which was started in 2009…

When you analyze how many fees and additional payments is required to proceed banking transaction everywhere and ……you start to calculate how much you spend of your revenues (….for donation !!!!!) of banking system. ( ……yes it is kind of donation cause for traditional operation at 21st Century it’s tough to understand why we should pay for simple day to day services like ATM withdrawal or money transfer, payments….etc.  ) reconsider that and calculate…………. afterwords you will decide to change something……………

Moreover Banks posses possibility to manage your money ( Collect deposits & offer credits ) and earn money according to Interest rates difference between deposit & credit ( called spread ). A lot of Banks offer financial calculators combined with banking system inspired by which should be innovation but it is not. It would have been better to show us how much money is taken from our account  for  monthly maintenance and elicitation of operation at our account……

If it will be possible to pay for every assets and consumption with BITCOINS in near future and we will be able to save money using virtual wallet with BITCOINS inside… New BITCOIN currency with specific exchange rate calculated to: ( USD<CHF< EURO<GBP ….) -could change our financial market and our behavior….. ??? We will see coming soon what will happen……….What is your opinion…..?


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