Why Polish pension system called ZUS collapse…..? – collective suicide as a welcome antidote…;)



According to EUROSTAT and Central Statistic Office ( CSO ) analysis Polish people live to long as analyst expected…..

We live longer than he wanted to CSO. Is there enough money for our treatment and pensions?

Our life is extended at a much faster pace than assumed CSO. Life expectancy Pole born in 2012 will amount to 72.7 years, women – 81 years. According to forecasts, demographers have such an age witnessing men born after 2015, and the women after 2020 That worries officials of the Social Insurance Institution and the National Health Fund. You will have more money for retirement and care for the elderly. The population projections CSO does not provide for such dynamic changes.

We live longer than in CSO officials and analyst  wanted and projected. Is there enough money for our treatment and pensions?

ANSWER is NO ………..we have to consider change and transfer our future premiums into different country ( system ) or die as poor people….What is your opinion….?

Maybe we should consider¬†collective suicide it should help ( Be Patriot & Harry up)……………….